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Why Steel Roofing?

Commercial steel roofing looks fantastic and is available in a variety of colors and designs.
Steel roofing is long lasting and resists decay, discoloration and mildew, for a maintenance-free commercial roofing solution.
Existing roofs can often be re-roofed with steel roofing without contributing tons of waste to our country’s landfills.
Steel roofing is non-combustible, providing fire, wind and impact resistance and high ratings from the Underwriters Laboratory (UL).
Metal roofing offers ultra-performance in conditions of water, ice shedding and snow and is hail resistant.
Steel roofing is quickly becoming the choice for increasing building and property value.
As the name implies, exposed fastener metal roofing systems use screw fasteners that are visible on the exterior of the metal roof surface after installation. These exposed fastener steel roofing systems are economical, have been in service for decades, and are extremely popular in a wide variety of metal roofing applications.
In concealed fastener steel roofing systems such as our standing seam panels, the screws are completely concealed and protected by the steel roof surface. This steel roofing system gives standing seam panels very clean, aesthetically pleasing lines; a favorite among residential roofing. The metal roofing system also exhibits the very best in weather resistance and durability since the steel roof fasteners are not exposed to the outside elements.