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Post Frame Construction

Graber Roofing & Construction specializes in post frame construction. For our post frame buildings we use a Richland column 3 ply 2x6.  These are 30% stronger than a 6x6 less likely to crack ,split or rot. Whether it’s barns, sheds, commercial buildings or garages, Graber Roofing & Construction can provide you with a solid structure at a very affordable price.

Post frame constructions are engineered wood-frame building systems that can be more quickly erected than other kinds of buildings. Because of their larger posts and interlocking frame, these buildings can handle greater loads than stud-wall construction. Also, fewer structural materials are needed – which saves on material and installation costs.

Since the posts are spaced farther apart than studs, there are fewer interruptions in insulating materials. Post-frame buildings feature an exceptionally large wall cavity with room to add more ample amounts of insulation, raising efficiency and lowered heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

30% Stronger than 6x6 - Less likely to crack, split or rot.

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